Utile Network — The Beginning

Utile Network
2 min readJul 2, 2018

Utile Network — Platform developed to empower influencers and investors in cryptocurrency sector.

The mainstream perception of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is constantly changing in the eyes of the public. There are those who are fascinated by this technology, but there is also a lot of fierce criticism made by those who claim this is an overhyped movement comprised of nothing but worthless projects and get-rich-quick schemes. However, it should be noted that this technology has made significant progress since it was first introduced to the world. That being said, no matter what one thinks about the current state of the art of blockchain technology, it is very likely that it will significantly change our lives in the near future.

The main goal of the Utile Network is to build a platform that will gather experts, enthusiasts, influencers, and beginners in one big community. All the members of this specialized community will interact with each other, exchanging knowledge, information, insights, and suggestions about market trends and other blockchain related topics. Thanks to the solution we offer, one has the ability to manage and verify the collected information on the platform, saving countless hours of browsing pages in order to get quality information, and also acquire as much knowledge as possible based on what other users offer.

Utile network is a solution for investors and influencers. The goal of the project to establish a huge information hub to open up a new field of possibilities for content creators. All creators will have their content publicly available on the web for peer review and analysis allowing them to increase their reputation within the platform by having all of their trading ideas vetted and confirmed by past price action, as well as having their information reviewed and authenticated by other users.

The benefits of using the platform:

  • The ability to create your own content for a wider audience
  • Browsing free content created by users or ability to join private knowledge library of experts
  • A chance to chat with mentors and experts in cryptocurrency sector
  • The possibility of expanding your knowledge in the field of blockchain technology
  • Obtaining tokens for creating and evaluating content
  • Receiving answers to individual questions by using the help desk
  • Chance for experts to confirm their knowledge and expertise thanks to infrastructure that brings transparency and enables easier evaluation by recipients
  • tracking information of the best industry experts, which will allow us to increase the chances of success of our investments in cryptocurrencies

It’s time you equip yourself with a more sophisticated unified digital workplace that not only integrates multiple systems into one but also allows us to evaluate potential of analytical insights.



Utile Network

Utile Network is an infrastructure that allows you to crowdsource blockchain ecosystem data in a transparent environment.