Utile Network — Founder system

What is the ‘Founder system’?

It’s the core feature of our platform. It aims to allow users to connect and learn from experts in the cryptocurrency sector. ‘Founders’ are influencers who are joining Utile Network with a mission to create a global support team for blockchain community, to help the initial platform development and to provide unmatched guidance in the rapidly growing market of cryptocurrencies. Founders will work as independent publishers, but there will be control from the project creators who will review their work based on community feedback, to ensure their positive contribution for Utile Network platform .

Accounts of founders will have a special rank attached to them. This involves receiving monthly dividends, in form of UTL token, as well as a percentage of revenue generated by advertisement on the platform.

Who can become a founder?

Anyone who has experience in spreading knowledge and good information about blockchain technology. One of the most important features and qualities of founding members will definitely be having a good reputation within the blockchain community and a good background overall. The number of such positions will be limited to 10.

What is the role of founding members ?



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Utile Network

Utile Network is an infrastructure that allows you to crowdsource blockchain ecosystem data in a transparent environment.