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2 min readApr 28, 2021

Dear community,

In this post, I will include some of the upcoming events that Utile Network has in store for the near future.

The launch of The Flying Dutchman:
The newest product of the Utile Network product line — decentralized deflationary farming platform. With its launch, we are aiming to provide more liquidity and foremost to create another use case for UTL, the native token of Utile Network.

UTL buyback and burn:
As mentioned in our roadmap we are going to perform a constant buyback of UTL tokens directly from the market, to burn them and in the result diminishing the circulating supply even more.

Adding more liquidity:
As previously mentioned, we will be adding more liquidity to the BNB/UTL LP.

Crypto influencers acquisition and changes to founder system:
The team has decided to change the gratification system for crypto influencers that will join Utile Network in the ‘Founder system’ Instead of UTL tokens, members will receive BNB tokens. This will help to keep the circulating supply to a minimum. There also will be changes to our rewarding system on the Utile Network platform, more on this in the next update.

Release and promotion date:
Our development of The Flying Dutchman is going very well, we are currently at the testing phase. We have not currently given any release date due to multilevel promotion and events that will go along with the release of the platform, we believe that combining all the mentioned will allow us to satisfy investors and gain new exposure on the cryptocurrency market. That’s why it’s imperative for us to close our current situation with Binance before giving any release dates.

New exchanges:
This takes a high priority on our roadmap, we are determined to bring Utile Network to CEX’s as soon as possible, more details on plans with exchanges will be released as soon as our case with Binance comes to an end.



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